Our Stories

Not sure what a difference Dev Dynamics can make to your business and organization? Stories shared by other users may help you grasp the scope of our service.

Healthcare IT & Meaningful Use

Dr. Anderson recently joined the provider network of a major health plan and was faced with increasing patient volume. With three receptionists at work, the scheduling process at Dr. Anderson’s clinic is a mess. When a patient came in, already in agony, their charts could not be found, transfer records had not arrived or the necessary test results had not been returned. Again and again, patients were told to reschedule their appointment. Bad comments were left for Dr. Anderson on Yelp despite his exceptional medical expertise, and performance ratings were suffering. Dr. Anderson had tried several Practice management softwares purchased online, but lost his confidence due to difficulty with customization and after sale support. What should Dr. Anderson do? Hire another super competent receptionist and shoulder increasing administrative costs? OR Work with Dev Dynamics to come up with a web based scheduling system and mobile app customized to the clinic’s needs, scalable for future volume increase. Being Dev Dynamics’ client is a whole new experience. Finally Dr. Anderson won’t have to waste money on ill-fitting technology, or try to deal with invisible support teams of online software vendors where no one can be held accountable.

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Ms. Kimberly is happy to see her well-being promotion start-up company growing. However, as more investments come in, she and her small team feel somehow overwhelmed with all the reporting needs created by board members, investors, government agencies and clients. For example, clients demand to know to what extent the product they purchased promotes their health. At the infant stage of the start-up, Ms. Kimberly and her team handle a limited amount of reports manually, which is not doable anymore. Besides, Ms. Kimberly and her partners, who are less involved in front-line services, but more engaged in decision making, desire deeper transparency in to daily operations to make evidence based, timely decisions. However, busy with fund raising, client recruitment and running a business, Ms. Kimberly and her executives feel they need someone’s help. Should Ms. Kimberly shoulder the cost of a full-fledged reporting department at this stage? OR Work with Dev Dynamics to utilize data from everyday transactions and build dashboards which give updated addressing key performance indicators and allow Ms. Kimberly to continuously customize it to changing specifications. Equipped with real time data, historical trend, and visual presentation, Ms Kimberly feels more confident approaching a lead or a potential investor.

Web Application Development and Search Engine Optimization

Mr. Eugene runs a small but successful real estate agency. When researching his competitors, he discovered thousands of real estate agent websites with the same look and feel (to his own?). Because most of these websites were created from online cookie-cutter templates set aside for real estate agents. Mr. Eugene was a little frustrated as he wanted to distinguish his business from all competitors. Having seen more people search houses on the go, Mr. Eugene pictures potential clients can reach his service on their mobile devices as well. However, his team does not have the time or expertise to carry out his vision. Should Mr. Eugene settle for a mediocre, cookie-cutter design? OR Work with Dev Dynamics to come up with responsive, sleek website, which is listed high on Internet search results, and a light, user-friendly mobile application supporting Mr. Eugene’s philosophy. Dev Dynamics also empowers Mr. Eugene to know his potential clients by providing analytics on website traffic and visitor interaction, as a part of Dev Dynamics’ integrated service.

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