Process Optimization

Congratulations, your business is growing!

It seems some extra hands are needed in the shop. Before you write up the job description of next new hire, have you considered that some work process improvement and automation may release the potential of your current employees?

With an IT touch, Dev Dynamics help you grow with efficiency, by eliminating unnecessary steps, unnecessary complexity, overburdened resources and unnecessary variation.

Business Intelligence

Using data to bolster business is no longer the privilege of big organizations. Many enterprises are trying to translate data out of their operating systems into competitive advantage. You don’t want to wander in an increasingly data-aware market blindfolded.

Dev Dynamics will help you gain insight into the data you collect, make connections from the data and guide profitable business decisions. From Business Intelligence tool selection and implementation to building a self-serve analytics solution, Dev Dynamics is your one-stop shop.

Web Application Development

86.6% of U.S. SMBs cite websites as their most important digital marketing tactic. However, potential customers are not easy to please. For example, some business owners just sadly learnt that ‘48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn’t working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring.’

Dev Dynamics help you avoid such pitfalls when designing your business website. Want to tap on the increasing smartphone users? Dev Dynamics’ integrated app development is right for you.

Financial Analytic Tool

‘Know your competitors, know yourself.’ Dev Dynamics BI solutions will satisfy the former need, while our smart financial analytic tool will serve the latter.

The light weight application create ad hoc analysis to answer specific business questions and forecast possible future financial scenarios. It can speed up the creation of reports and present the data in an executive dashboard, a graphical presentation that is easier to read and interpret than a series of spreadsheets with pivot tables.

Social Media Analytics

Wonder whether big bucks you spent on PR campaign work its magic? Or you want to find out whether potential customers are ‘hot’ to your new product? Or as a freelance blogger.

you may wonder how much people your posts reach and how to make that number bigger. No more wondering! Because Dev Dynamics perform social media analysis to help you understand, respond to and extract valuable insights from social dialogue. Feeling the pulse of your audience, you can advertise, develop, and expand more wisely.

Back Office Support

Do you feel that most of your time and budget are being diverted to non-core-business related activities, from talent recruitment, to bookkeeping? It’s true that these actives are important aspect of running a successful business, but you don’t have to do everything by yourself.

Dev Dynamics connect you with experienced partners to support a wide range of business needs, such as customer care, payroll, human resources, accounting, even legal consulting. With our help, you can concentrate on what you do best.

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